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Nursing Review Classes in Brooklyn, NY

How to Prepare for the Nursing Exam in Brooklyn, NY

Earning your licensure as a Registered Nurse is a huge accomplishment, and it is the start of a rewarding career serving others in the medical field. Of course, even a 4.0 GPA doesn’t guarantee the passing grade on the NCLEX that you need in order to be awarded that license. AVF Registered Professional Nursing Review is here to help you prepare for the nursing exam in Brooklyn, NY. Our highly experienced instructor applies proven methods that improve your chances of passing the test the first time.

Students should plan on studying for the NCLEX for at least one to two months before attempting the test. Our nursing exam preparation course focuses on several key areas. These include:

• Familiarity with the NCLEX Format

• Time Management

• Effective Studying Habits

• Stress Management

• Understanding the Tested Material

• Identifying Common NCLEX Tactics

• Answering Practice Questions

• Tips for Test Day

Professional Nursing Review and NCLEX Preparation

There is no shortage of available NCLEX-prep material. The difference that we offer is that you get to participate in a live setting and receive instruction from a licensed medical professional and highly accomplished educator. The results are a measurable improvement in your test-day readiness that translates to a higher score. If you are about to graduate from nursing school and sign up for the NCLEX, you owe it to yourself to utilize every available advantage. Our classes are a valuable opportunity to sharpen your test-taking skills.

Remember, at around $200 per test and with a 45-day waiting period between each attempt, the stakes are high. It’s important that you achieve an optimal score the first time. When you prepare for the nursing exam with us, you are in a much better position to do just that.

Contact us to sign up for our NCLEX-prep classes. We work with nursing students in Brooklyn, New York.